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Glyki Ear is located below the villages of Souli, at the exit of the Straits of Acheron, which is the natural border of the Regional Unity of Thesprotia and Preveza. It is a holiday destination for countless tourists and nature lovers.

Glykis Ear

Route Maps

Recommended routes for the Acheron river along with maps from google maps

Souli by car

If somebody wants a quick contact with the mountainous region of Souli, without having any physical effort, it is easy to reach the villages of Souli, the Kougi and Kiafa, admiring the panoramic views of the Glyki and the Straits of Acheron, through the sealed road which leads to Samoniva. It is an uphill path sealed road 20 km. with many turns, which reaches to 500 meters altitude.

Path through the Straits of Acheron

Another old path that connected the Trikastro and other villages of the valley of Acheron with the plain, which passes horizontally through the Straits of Acheron. It offers to visitors view to the Strait, the mountains of Souli and castle of Kiafa. It is a route of moderate to easy degree of difficulty in a well seamed path length 10 km that descends from the 400m to 40m altitude. The journey has been estimated at 3 hours.

Walking into the depths of the river

For those who want to experience the adventure, walking to the headwaters of Acheron, passing this river which is inside the mountain with the transparent cold water that reaches to the knee or to the waist, between towering vertical rocks… It is a route that creates to the visitor the feeling of isolation. It does not present risks but it is necessary suitable equipment and fitness, as there is no intermediate exit from the gorge. It is required walking about two miles in the water and swimming against the river’s stream of 10 to 15 meters. It is necessary appropriate clothing, such as swimsuit and fitting shoes. This route has been calculated about one hour and 30 minutes.

Ascent to Souli from the old path

An uphill path waits guests who want to walk to old historic streets, was connecting region of Souli to the plain. This path offers a great view to the Straits of Acheron, passes from old arched bridges, the famous Skala of Tzavelena and next to derelict mills and ends in the old castle of Kiafa which was the main stronghold of Souli. It is an easy path through well seamed path with ascent from 40 to 500 meters altitude and duration of about 1 hour and 30 minutes.


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glykis ear

Glyki Ear, located in Glyki, next to the Acheron River, is the perfect combination for holidays full of relaxation, comfort, grooming, wellness, new experiences and enchanting pictures.

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